MoxyTech introduces GeoPain App to DENTAL ADVISOR editorial board

The editorial board of DENTAL ADVISOR recently hosted team members from Ann Arbor-based company, MoxyTech. Our group was able to view a demonstration of Geo Pain, an app designed to identify and record regions of pain using mobile technology. The app can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet which is used by the patient to capture precise pain data (frequency, symptoms, intensity) supplying healthcare professionals with detailed information that they can use for effective treatment options.

View their info at:

DENTAL ADVISOR Editorial Board Meeting: November 1, 2017

We had a busy day at The DENTAL ADVISOR! Sarah Bell-West and Damien Farrand of Clorox spoke to our Editorial Board about the importance of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and introduced two products from the Clorox Healthcare Line: Fuzion Cleaner Disinfectant, and Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes.

Louisa von Heynitz, Product Manager at SciCan Dental, also paid a visit to assist on several upcoming educational videos with Dr. John Molinari and Dr. Fiona Collins.




Ask an Editor today – more than just an answer, a conversation with Dr. Molinari

“I attended one of Dr. Molinari’s infection control and OSHA courses a while ago and he said that we should sterilize bagged instruments in the statim plastic side up, but I can’t find any information about that. Would you be able to help?”

We asked Dr. Molinari directly to help you out.  See what he has to say here:


DENTAL ADVISOR Editorial Board Meeting: October 4, 2017

Matt Cowen of THE DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Division explains product lab testing to representatives from Coltene.

Six new products were introduced to THE DENTAL ADVISOR editorial board for upcoming reviews while two previous product evaluations were discussed and given final rating determinations.  Jan Weaver, Director of Marketing and Theresa Zoul, Marketing Manager for Restorations and Prosthetics for Coltene made a visit to present a new line of products to the editorial staff. Account Manager, Chris Voigtman took them on a tour of the campus.


An Award Winner at AAED

Dr. John Powers and Dr. Sabiha Bunek represented THE DENTAL ADVISOR in August at the Interdisciplinary Summit for the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry in San Diego, California.
Dr. Bunek received an award in the scientific category for her poster presentation, “Enhancing the Strength and Esthetics of Zirconia to Achieve Restorative Success.”

Presentation from Crosstex

David Chu of Crosstex International Inc. introduces the new Axess nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation mask to THE DENTAL ADVISOR editorial board.

The mask is a product of Crosstex International, Inc. and Accutron Inc. and is a low-profile nasal mask that is uniquely contoured to fit comfortably over the patient’s nose. The masks are also available in several different pleasing scents.