3M™ Attest™ Mini Auto-reader

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Product Description

The Attest™ Mini Auto-Reader by 3M™ is an automated, 24-minute biological indicator reader with a new small footprint and just 4 wells. It is designed to test sterilization processes at 270°F and 275°F. A color-changing indicator on the cap of the appropriate biological indicator (BI) vials shows whether the sterilization device exposed its contents to steam. To test whether the sterilization was biologically successful, the vial is activated by “cracking” it with the handheld device and then placing it into the automated reader. In 24 minutes, it returns with a reading that indicates if the sterilization was successful; a “-” indicates a success, and a “+” indicates a failure.

Initial Insights

  • The reader is very sleek; it looks like it’d fit in anywhere.
  • The process is straight forward and easy.
  • It’s especially important right now to know our autoclave is functioning, so having to wait only 24 minutes is much better than 48 hours or more.
  • I really liked the countdown timer; I don’t have to set any alarms or watch the clock.

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