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It is an exciting time in the world of restorative materials. More and more we are seeing materials that mimic the properties of natural teeth as well as products that incorporate rechargeable remineralizing ions.  We recently received ACTIVA Presto (Pulpdent) here at Dental Advisor. This material is a  light cured, universal composite that facilitates diffusion of bioavailable calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions. According to the manufacturer this material is a stackable, light cure composite that is strong, durable, wear and fracture resistant, and is indicated for all classes of cavities.

What are the advantages to incorporating this material into your practice?

  • Patented rubberized-resin absorbs stress and resists wear, fracture, and chipping, even in thin areas on bevel margins
  • Penetrates and integrates with tooth structure for margin-free adaptation to teeth
  • Stackable composite holds shape and does not slump for controlled placement
  • Strong, tough, durable, wear and fracture resistant
  • Versatile – Universal composite for all classes of cavities
  • A4 and A6 shades for cervical restorations, especially useful in older patients
  • Easy to place, easy to use 2mL syringes

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team and our editorial board?
– We are excited to try an ACTIVA product that you can use in all cavity classes, including stress bearing class I and II restorations.
– Editorial Board members commented that they liked the syringe delivery system compared to the large ACTIVA gun. They found the material easy to extrude from the flowable syringe. Will it be as stackable as they say?
– Right now this material is only available in flowable form… what will our evaluators think of that?

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!


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