Aerosol Assist

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Product Description

Aerosol Assist is a hands-free suction device designed to reduce aerosols during dental procedures while acting as a high volume suction. There is space for a typical saliva ejector (SE) tip, and the “funnel” is designed to capture aerosols during the procedure. Once it is attached to HVE, it is placed in the patient’s mouth against the cheek; be sure to avoid leaning it against the patient’s teeth. After use the device is rinsed, cleaned with a tube-brush, and then autoclaved before reuse.

Our team tried out the prototype; what is pictured is not the final product.

Initial Insights

  • The Aerosol Assist allowed me to retract with a mirror while scaling and it took care of all the suction on its own.
  • Very strong suction, my patient said it felt like it even dried out her entire mouth.
  • It didn’t feel like saliva pooled at all, even on the opposite side.
  • Super easy setup.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!


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