AiroPur Aerosol Suction Cup

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Product Description

It goes without saying that some procedures produce a lot of aerosols; we even call them Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs). Controlling them can be a challenge. Ho Dental Company designed the AiroPur Aerosol Suction Cup to combat this problem. The cup attaches directly to the HVE valve and is held by the patient in line with their lower lip. It is designed to be disposable but can also be fully autoclaved if desired.

Initial Insights

  • It’s great that the patient can get a sense of control.
  • The patient can position it where they want, rather than having it hang on their lip.
  • I think some patients might like that they can spit in it if they feel the need.
  • Patients said it was comfortable and easy to hold.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!


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