AutoBrush® Pro Kids

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Product Description

Let’s face it, most children do not like to brush their teeth. Arguing with or bribing their kids to brush is tiring and frustrating for parents. The AutoBrush® for Kids is an automatic toothbrush that can help make oral hygiene fun and motivate children to brush without a fight. It’s u-shaped brush head contains up to 25,000 ultra-soft nylon bristles. It has three cleaning modes, three light modes, and two timing modes (30 and 60 seconds). Children also have the option to brush with or without a musical tune. It is available in four cute animal designs.

Available in Bubblegum and Strawberry flavors, AutoBrush® foaming toothpaste is non-GMO and vegan. It is also fluoride, gluten, and SLS free. If preferred, a traditional fluoridated toothpaste may also be used.

The AutoBrush® Pro: Kids Total Package contains one AutoBrush®, one nylon brush head, one tongue scraper attachment, one package of 50 hydroxyapatite threaded flossers, one foam toothpaste, and a charging unit. Also included for extra motivation are a brushing calendar and stickers.

The AutoBrush® is also available for adults!

Initial Insights

  • My son was actually excited to try this brush. He really liked the light feature.
  • I would like to learn more about the flossers with hydroxyapatite and the Nano Silver Technology used in the toothpaste.
  • It’s nice that my very picky son can still use his “regular toothpaste.”
  • Good tool to help motivate kids to brush!
  • This would be great for adults with limited dexterity and those that need caregivers to help with brushing.

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