Banditt Xtra Grip Forceps

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I have to admit, I get way more excited than most general practitioners over extraction forceps. When I first went to dental school I had every intention of going into Oral Surgery. Before dental school I was the surgical assistant to an amazing oral surgeon at the VA Hospital and I absolutely loved it. During dental school, when I got assigned to the Los Angeles Christian Health Center’s Dental Clinic on Skid Row I could not have been any happier. Many of my classmates were scared of the possibility of being assigned to a clinic on Skid Row, but I was excited when I found out it was my assignment! As you can imagine, many days extractions there were a majority of my schedule… it was great! Life took me in a different direction and I did not go into oral surgery, but I still love all things surgical. When I was practicing, I would get more excited over an extraction in my schedule over a crown prep any day!

We recently received the Banditt Xtra Grip Forceps (A-Titan) here at the Dental Advisor. I was still a clinical consultant during the A-Titan Plus Series Forceps evaluation, and have to admit I loved them. I had my assistant order me a couple more sets after that evaluation and, in my public health clinic, my A-Titan forceps and I extracted a ton of teeth. According to the manufacturer these new forceps are maximally effective, minimally invasive, and the atraumatic Banditt Xtra Grip forceps reduce hard and soft tissue damage.  Featuring a Diamond Nano composite coating, the unique properties of natural diamonds provide a high micro hardness and an abrasive wear resistance for up to 50 years. The corrosion resistant forceps are also non-reflective in your patients’ mouth.  Biomechanical grooves have been added to the beaks to provide an unparalleled grip.  Holes in handle reduces hand fatigue and provide a better tactile feel.  Hand crafted in Germany, the forceps have a warranty that will span the lifetime of your practice.

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team?
– An improvement on an already great product.
– The shape of the beaks definitely allows you to get low on the tooth and helps minimize breakage.
– I have medium hands for a woman and these felt great in my hands. Not too heavy but solid, and well balanced.
– I got a great grip on the extracted tooth. Even though it was wet, once I gripped it with the forceps it was in there solid.
– I like the black, Diamond Nano composite coating, but I personally want to see how it holds up after repeat autoclaving.
– Will the serrations may give you that extra grip, but could they also get in the way? We want to evaluate them to find out!!

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!


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