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Product Description

Bio-LCB from Essential Dental Systems® is designed to be used as a protective base/liner under composites, amalgams, cements, and other base materials. It contains a proprietary UDMA-based formulation that forms calcium hydroxide and increases pH levels (alkaline) to protect the pulp, stimulate pulpal cells to form dentin, reduce the risk of secondary caries, and provide an antimicrobial effect. It also releases calcium and phosphate ions to further aid in remineralizing the surrounding dentin.

Initial Insights

  • Easy to use and dispensed like flowable composite.
  • Light cured – allows for immediate continuation of restorative steps. No need to wait for material to set on its own. 
  • Long shelf life (36 months)
  • No need to refrigerate, but if you do, wait for it to become room temperature before using.
  • Radiopaque

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