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As a public health dentist, not unlike a general practioner, one always finds them-self trouble shooting. Nothing was ever what it seemed on the schedule. A “missing filling” was probably a sheered off entire buccal of a tooth, a “re-cement crown” probably had the tooth and/or core buildup in the crown, and even a restoration was likely caries so large I was sweating bullets the whole time because I knew the pulp was likely tenths of a millimeter away. I always had to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Because of this, I really liked having versatile products in my office.

We recently received Biodentine® (Septodont) bioactive dentin substitute. According to the manufacturers it has a high amount of calcium and hydroxide ions released upon setting,  it has similar mechanical properties as dentin allowing bulk fill, and mechanical strength increases as the restoration sets.

This is a very versatile material.  It can be used for adults and pediatric patients:

  • In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentin restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy.
  • In the root: root and furcation perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification, retrograde surgical filling.

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team and our editorial board?
– Capsule mixing system rather than traditional powder liquid is much more convenient.
– Interesting that you have to add the drops to the capsule yourself prior to triturating.
– First mix was a little powdery still, but second mix was extremely creamy and very easy to place and manipulate.
– Great option that you can replace enamel for up to 6 months if you are letting a tooth heal.
– 10 to 12 minute set time.
– Being able to bulk fill dentin replacement is a great benefit of this material.

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!


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