Cavex Bite & White In-Office

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Product Description

Cavex Bite & White In-Office (Cavex) is a unique in-office whitening system. The features that make it so unique are:

  • Room temperature stable, so no need to fill your refrigerator with whitening material
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) chemistry with 25% hydrogen peroxide
  • Brush applicator with a whitening pen for maximum control
  • Pre-mixed in a whitening pen that dispenses by turning a clicker at the back of the pen

Initial Insights

What were some thoughts of the Dental Advisor Initial Insights Team?

  • The brush applicator made applying the gel very easy.
  • Thick gel stayed where it was placed.
  • Mixed results depending on what the initial shade of the patient was, but this is true with any whitening system.
  • No sensitivity reported at all so far!

Keep an eye out in a future issue of Dental Advisor for more on this material!

UPDATE: This material was clinically evaluated in the offices of 22 clinicians just like you! Wondering what the result was? Check out the clinical evaluation on the Dental Advisor website: Cavex Bite & White Clinical Evaluation


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