Cazoo Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator

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Product Description

With concerns over COVID transmission in dental offices, there is a lot of focus on controlling aerosols. Cazoo Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator by SOTA Imaging is a uniquely-shaped reusable solution. It connects directly to HVE and rests on the patient’s lip. It does not need to be moved to access different quadrants of the mouth, and can be hooked to most cheek retractors. Cazoo’s geometric opening reportedly optimizes aerosol control by remaining closer to the working area without blocking the clinician’s view. At just $99 each, Cazoo is one of the more affordable options available.

Initial Insights

  • I love that it can be autoclaved.
  • My patient said she felt like it really did pull aerosols into it!
  • It’s not heavy at all, but I did have my patient hold it so it wouldn’t fall.
  • In my experience, most extraoral suction devices are loud; Cazoo is quieter than many and it’s very easy to hear over it.
  • Super easy to hook it up onto the HVE; fits perfectly.

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