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Product Description

Sometimes, it feels like one prophy paste is just like the next. When they’re mixed together in containers, it takes an extra step of reading the tiny print on the foil to see if it’s fine or coarse and what flavor it is. CleanJoy® by VOCO America, Inc. is specifically designed in a “traffic light” color coding system where red is always coarse, yellow is always medium, and green is always fine, so you know what you are grabbing. The instructions indicate to use the green finishing paste after using the red or yellow pastes. Its Fine Dual Filler Technology reportedly causes less of a sandy feeling while being as effective as traditional pastes. It contains fluoride and xylitol and is available in three flavors: mint, caramel, and cherry, each in the traffic light color coding system.

Initial Insights

  • The mint is very refreshing.
  • Even the coarse paste was minimally gritty; it didn’t “crunch” as much as others.
  • It has a very smooth texture, almost like frosting.
  • I really like the traffic-light color coding. It’s much easier than reading the tiny print on the foil.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!

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