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 A couple years back there was a nation-wide controversy over whether or not you need to floss because of a lack of recommendation by the Surgeon General. People just want to get out of it any way they can don’t they? As a dentist I personally don’t care how you clean between your teeth as long as you clean between your teeth (and don’t injure your teeth or tissue). There’s no getting out of it, LOL!! However, what if flossing was thought of not as a chore, but as a floss party?!? Enter… COCO Floss.

We recently received COCO Floss (Cocofloss Inc.) here at the Dental Advisor. This floss is a luxury, coconut oil infused floss that, according to the manufacturers, has hundreds of microfiliments to scrub away plaque and whiten teeth. It comes in a large variety of flavors, even-limited edition ones. The coconut oil is supposed to be soothing to the tissue. Their company has wonderful marketing and as a dental professional I do find it quite fun what they have done. They even have a 21 day flossing challenge on their website!

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team?
– Smells great. When I handed this out you could see DA staff wandering around smelling the containers all day!
– Hygienists have been raving about this floss to our CEO Dr. Sabiha Bunek.
– Is there really enough contact of coconut oil with your tissues from this little string to be soothing to tissue?
– The texture does seem like it could “grab” plaque well.
– Although the idea of a Floss Party is fun I could not get our nerdy group of dental professionals to have one at the office, so how likely is it your patients will want to have one? LOL.

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!

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