Curaprox Velvet

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Product Description

The Velvet toothbrush from Curaprox is a manual brush designed to be extra gentle on enamel and soft tissue. The brush head contains over 12,000 ultra-fine, densely packed Curen® filaments. It is available in 36 color combinations.

Initial Insights

  • This brush is truly different than any other brush I have ever used. It is a unique product that I would recommend to periodontal patients, patients whitening their teeth, and patients with esthetic crowns and veneers.
  • My teeth felt like they were just polished.
  • I love this brush. Is it available with a smaller brush head?
  • Great for patients with sensitive, inflamed gingiva.
  • Feels substantial in my hand and great on my teeth.
  • My new favorite brush! I like it so much I plan to buy more.

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