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Pain management is a hot topic in dentistry right now. Post-operative pain is just a reality of certain procedures; however, with the opioid crisis, our options for pain management are limited. This leaves clinicians between a rock and a hard place.

Here at the Dental Advisor, we recently received a very innovative pain management device. Denta-Cool (Denta-Cool) is a cryotherapy device used intra-orally to manage post-operative pain and swelling. Denta-Cool claims it provides more comfortable and better relief from oral pain, swelling and discomfort than external ice packs without a prescription and without the use of prescription drugs.

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team and our editorial board?
– They were excited about the possibilities of this device!
– The mouthpiece is a lot softer and more pliable than they originally though it would be when originally looking at images.
– Some board members were concerned that the mouthpiece looked like it might be a little big, especially for patients with limited opening following oral surgery procedures.
– The idea of cryotherapy intra-orally, rather than extra-orally, really resonated with our board’s periodontist.

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for our clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!


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