Diamonds and Matrices and Hemostatic Gauze..oh my!

7am Meetings here in Ann Arbor are full of interesting things…this week, besides our coffee, we wished a Happy Birthday to our Editor In Chief, Dr. Sabiha Bunek as well as introduced 3 products to our Editors for evaluation.  As we always do, we discussed completed evaluations and current projects.

Hemostyp is a hemostatic gauze that dissolves into a gel after placement.

Bosphorus Diamond Burs are reusable diamond burs available in a variety of grits and sizes.

Smart View Matrix System is a new composite matrix system, uniquely designed to provide excellent contacts.  The kit contains an innovative ring and coated matrices with subgingival extension tabs.  The system works with any wedge, and is reportedly easy to place.

Watch for these product reviews in an upcoming issue of THE DENTAL ADVISOR.

Each week, our group also discusses current projects as well as finalizes each and every completed review.  This week, we reviewed Seal Tight Air Water Syringe Tips from Total Care.    Our Editors noted that these tips have wonderful separation of air and water, avoiding contamination.  In addition, assistants reported that they had peace of mind that the tips stay in place once attached.

Dr. John Molinari discussed his Air/Water Syringe Tip Research, comparing Metal to Disposable tips.  Stop by our booth in Chicago, #3707 to see the results of his research!



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