Dr. Mark’s HyGenie®

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Product Description

Dr. Marks’s HyGenie® with DentalFresh® cleansing gel, is a cleaning system for removable dental appliances. It is designed to clean and store orthodontic retainers and aligners, occlusal splints, sports mouth guards, sleep appliances, and dentures. Available from Whip Mix®, the Appliance Kit includes one HyGenie® device and two DentalFresh® cleansing gels (50ml). The Denture Kit includes an additional SureGrip® brush.

Initial Insights

  • Great design of bristles locking in for maximum scrubbing! It really allowed my appliances to seat in the device and feel as though they were really getting clean.
  • Very easy to use.
  • My night guard tasted fresh and minty after cleaning.
  • The gel viscosity could be a little thicker.
  • The addition of a tartar and stain removing gel would be great for tenacious deposits.

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