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Product Description

We recently received the DryShield (Dryshield) isolation system. What makes this product unique? It is an all in one system! Firstly, it has an attachment that connects to your high-volume suction line. Secondly, the mouthpieces are a combination of high-volume suction, saliva ejector, tongue shield and airway protection. Finally, it contains a bite block to keep the patient open while isolating.

Initial Insights

What were the thoughts of Dental Advisor’s Initial Insights Team?

  • There are a multitude of options for sizes, both disposable and autoclavable.
  • It is important to read instructions on installing the device to the HVE for the first time.
  • Having a sizing tool that is autoclavable would be nice so mouthpieces are not wasted trying different sizes.

Look for more information about this product in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor!


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