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Product Description

DycloPro from Septodont is a topical anesthetic that is unique in that it is an oral rinse. It is indicated to be used to reduce gag reflex in positioning digital x-ray sensors or films and when taking impressions. It can also be used for prophylaxis and scaling and root planing. DycloPro is available in 1 fl.oz. (30mL) bottles. DycloPro claims to achieve satisfactory anesthesia with just 4 to 20 mL of rinse.

Initial Insights

  • My patient confirmed that it didn’t interfere with his swallowing.
  • This made such a difference that a patient who had avoided the dentist for over 10 years has started coming back for continued treatment.
  • Would be great if it came in different flavors.
  • After swishing, my entire mouth was numb for a number of hours.
  • I had my patient sit forward to avoid numbing the back of his throat.

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