Egret EO Blaster

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Product Description

In a time when disinfection of surfaces is critically important to dental offices, it is important to know all the options available to professionals. We received an Egret EO Blaster which uses Electrolyzed water (EO water) to reportedly deodorize, kill germs, and remove contaminants when used as a complimentary step to traditional disinfecting procedures. It comes with a charging cable and a small scoop for salt. To set up, the user fills the pitcher with tap water to the max line (800ml), then adds a scoop of salt (5g). After 3 minutes of electrolysis, the device allows you to spray a mist over surfaces from upholstery to desks to toys and more.

Initial Insights

What did our Initial Insights team think of the Egret EO Blaster?

  • Love the blue light and how sleek this model looks!
  • It was really easy to set up.
  • I like that it’s a non-toxic cleaner.
  • The bottle is reusable and environmentally friendly in comparison to other cleaning products that have to be thrown out when they’re empty.
  • I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more literature on this!

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