elements IC Obturation System

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http://DentalAdvisor.comI took a hands-on endodontic course sponsored by Kavo/Kerr a couple of years ago. It was on my birthday so I made it my birthday gift to myself (yes, I am a dental nerd). They had the elements Free Obturation System at that course (the predecessor to this system). Mind you it was on plastic teeth, but I loved it! I could not convince the public health clinic I was working at the invest in one… instead they told me “we have a warm vertical condensation system somewhere around here”. Can you tell where this is going, LOL? The assistant who had been there the longest found it for me… it looked like something Dr. Frankenstein would have used to bring his monster to life. Cords everywhere, dials and levers… the instructions were 100% 1970’s! I never got that completely working so I stuck with lateral condensation during my years at the public health clinic. It was probably for the best… I was not trying to go for the mad scientist look in my operatory.

At the Dental Advisor, we recently recieved the elements IC Obturation System (Kavo/Kerr). According to the manufacturer the cordless elements™ IC Obturation System combines a Downpack heat source with a Backfill extruder. The Downpack device provides fast heating of the heat plugger with precisely controlled temperature and timing, making it suitable for single-motion downpack obturation of the apical portion of the root canal. Utilizing single-use gutta percha cartridges, the ergonomic Backfill device has a motorized extruder system for precise temperature and speed control for a 3-dimensional obturation of the root canal system. Both handpieces are charged using inductive charging technology.

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team and our editorial board?
– This system incorporates small improvements on an already good system that make your endo procedure that much nicer.
– The cartridge level indicator is an amazing idea… everything should have level indicators, don’t you think?
– I liked that you can put the cartridge in at different positions so you can easily see the display.
– Odd that you cannot set these up on end. They are angled on the bottom where the inductive charger area is and so you have to lay them on their side if they are on your tray.

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for our clinical evaluation result in an upcoming issue!

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