ExSense Tooth Conditioner

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Product Description

Cavex Bite&White ExSense Tooth Conditioner is a mint-flavored gel created to relieve tooth sensitivity not only after tooth whitening procedures, but for sensitivity in general. ExSense Tooth Conditioner may be used as an adjunct to a normal brushing routine. It can be applied with a brush or a finger to any sensitive areas or entire arches. After 10 minutes of contact time, simply expel excess gel and rinse with water.

Here at Dental Advisor, we found that it was easy to apply the gel not only to fingers, as the instructions recommend, but also to brushes and swabs, for those hoping to keep fingers away from the mouth!

Initial Insights

  • The mint flavor is nice and mild. The aftertaste is pleasant.
  • It was slightly sticky while on my teeth but there wasn’t any residue left after rinsing.
  • I liked the consistency – it didn’t drip or slide around.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor!


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