Featherlite Castroviejo Needle Holders

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When I was a dental assistant at the VA hospital I assisted many periodontal residents. Watching the complex suturing of some of these incisions was always amazing to me. I always wanted to offer my doctor anything that would help make this part of the procedure easier for them if possible… just the right size suture with just the right size needle, and the delicate suture needle holders we had reserved just for these kinds of procedures.

Here at the Dental Advisor we recently received a pair of Featherlite Castroviejo Needle Holders (Laschal). According to the manufacturer these needle holders, with traditional locking mechanism and fine tips, will strongly grasp any size needle without splaying. They are lighter than titanium (weighing in at 0.8 oz.), yet will not break, loosen or rust and there is no joint to snag suture material during instrument ties.

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team?
– Super light weight.
– Ridiculously easy locking and unlocking… I want to use these for my oral surgery procedures!
– Held both our large and small needles tightly.
– We could see the gold part of the handles corroding after continuous autoclaving, we want to see it’s durability for ourselves 😉

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for our clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!

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