FLUIDSHIELD Surgical N95 Respirator

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Product Description

In recent issues and on social media, we have discussed how difficult it can be to find a correctly-fitting and comfortable respirator. FLUIDSHIELD Surgical N95 Respirators from Halyard are a uniquely shaped option for clinicians who are looking for something other than the typical cone shape. They are duckbill shaped, with two elastic straps that go behind the head to secure the respirator. They are NIOSH approved, ASTM Rated 3 for fluid resistance, and are available in two sizes: small and regular.

Initial Insights

  • This respirator seems to seal very well and fits faces that cone-style N95s don’t.
  • I find this respirator to be very easy to breathe in compared to others I’ve tried.
  • The pressure feels better distributed across the face as opposed to a cone mask, where the bridge of my nose gets sore.
  • The small is very small.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!


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