Genius Shield

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Product Description

Genius Shield (BriteHive Solutions) is an innovative combination shield and vacuum with an inverted design and optional drape.  It is designed to shield dental professionals from overspray and spatter generated by AGP (aerosol generating procedures).    

Initial Insights

Patient comment: “The suction power seemed very effective, I was very surprised!  I didn’t notice any droplets or spatter on my face. The shield is large enough where I did not feel contained or claustrophobic.”

Hygienist comment: “I expected this to get in my visual field and complicate things.  It didn’t.  I also was concerned for my patient but he didn’t experience any issues at all.”

Doctor comment: “The suction on this is amazing!  I could easily work without my assistant if necessary.”

Dental Advisor will be testing this device against traditional HVE without a shield.  Stay tuned to Dental Advisor for the full test results!

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