GINGICaine® Fusion

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Product Description

Previously, DENTAL ADVISOR evaluated GingiCaine® Gel Syringes and it received an Editor’s Choice rating of 97% and is a Hygienist Favorite. On top of that, it is now available as GINGICaine Fusion by Gingi-Pak. It is a topical anesthetic available not only in a jar, but also in a single-use syringe. The syringe allows for direct placement of the gel into the gingival sulcus. GINGICaine contains 20% Benzocaine and is infused with 2% Hemp Extract, which reportedly helps to immediately reduce inflammation, relieve pain and irritation. The onset is 20 seconds with a 30-60 minute duration and it is available in two flavors: strawberry and vanilla.

Initial Insights

  • Very quick onset but it subsided in a reasonable time; it didn’t last longer than needed.
  • The strawberry and vanilla flavors are very mild and not medicinal; the strawberry one is especially pleasant.
  • The syringe was very easy to use. It works great on patients with deeper pockets.
  • I like that it’s a gel because some other injectable products are too runny.
  • It’s neat that not only does it provide anesthesia, it is also anti-inflammatory due to the hemp extract.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!


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