Glo Science PRO Gum Health Device

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Product Description

The Glo Science PRO Gum Health Device is intended to help boost oral health and gently whiten teeth. It uses a special foam treatment with antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide, xylitol, and other compounds to reportedly reduce oral germs and to restore healthy oral pH. The device has a special LED light that warms the foam while in the mouth, causing it to volumize and fill the hard-to-reach places in the teeth and gums. After just 8 minutes, it can be expelled and rinsed with water.

Initial Insights

  • The foam was refreshing and during use the mouth felt tingly.
  • For sensitive teeth, it can be hard to find products that don’t hurt, but Glo Pro felt gentle.
  • The foam can come out quickly, so patients might find it hard not to waste product if they don’t get the hang of it right away.
  • More sizes would be really great to have available.


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