Grind Relief N

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Product Description:

We recently received Grind Relief N. This is a moldable night guard indicated for clenching and grinding. What makes this night guard unique? It has a “Central Power Bar” designed to reduce clenching pressure. It can be fitted for either the maxillary or mandibular arch and can be remolded an unlimited number of times by reheating.

Initial Insights:

What were some of the thoughts of the Dental Advisor Initial Insights Team?

  • Very easy to mold to the patient’s dentition.
  • It is VERY pliable when first removed from the hot water, and it distorted; however, it was easy to mold back into the proper shape and fit onto the teeth.
  • Will this be comfortable for patients with a variety of occlusion classifications? Our patient’s premolars were not touching when her mandible was retruded. We are excited to evaluate more to find out!

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