iVisor™ Loupes Visor

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Product Description

The iVisor™ Loupe Visor by Pac-Dent is an adjustable visor and shield kit that is designed to fit over glasses, loupes, and a light. The visor is compatible with a mini shield that rests above the large air vents, and a light-cure filter can be adhered to the shield at eye-level. Available in 6 colors and 3 sizes (small, medium [standard size], and large). Shields are reusable and can be easily replaced when they get scratched.

Initial Insights

What were some of the thoughts of the Dental Advisor Initial Insights Team?

  • Extremely comfortable, I wear it all day with no discomfort!
  • Adjustable strap allows it to be tightened so it won’t slip if you bend over to see at a tough angle.
  • The mini-shield above makes you feel extra-protected but still leaves the air vents open so it is more breathable.
  • Accommodates loupes and lights very well, but the larger loupes, especially the flip-up ones with the light attached to the flip-up, may not fit as easily under these.

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