Jackson Face Shields

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Product Description

We received five Jackson Safety face shields at Dental Advisor and tried all of them out! They range from disposable to heavy duty. The F4XP, Maxview Premium, and Quad 500 Premium are supported by a headpiece with an adjustable dial on the back and a plastic band over top of the head. These three shields can also flip up to allow access to loupes, glasses, or masks.

Initial Insights

  • The disposable shield has a soft, stretchy band that doesn’t get caught up in hair.
  • The F4XP shield was close to my face, but it was really stable when I flipped it up.
  • It was a little hard to get the reusable shield set up and adjusted to my size, but the sweat band is super soft and comfortable.
  • The Maxview was super heavy duty, but it gives coverage all the way back over the ears, which is great for random spatters or pieces of debris.
  • I really like the shape of the Quad 500; it tapers towards the end and doesn’t bump my chest. The bubble shape leaves a lot of space between my face and the shield.
  • On each of the heavier duty shields, F4XP, Maxview, and Quad 500, the headpiece was felt-lined and surprisingly comfortable, and very easy to adjust!

Keep an eye out for these products in a future issue of Dental Advisor!


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