Lotus DPA

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The Lotus Disposable Prophy Angle (DPA) has several features that make it unique. The first noticeable feature is the clear material; this allows the clinician to have a clear view of the mouth and of how much prophy paste is left in the cup. Below the flared paste cup is a spatter guard that catches paste and fluids with each rotation. Every outer surface of the angle is dimpled to help fluids and prophy paste stick to it.

Initial Insights

  • Both firm and soft options kept polish from flying around, and I could actually see it collecting on the guard. I even used different textures of paste.
  • I was shocked that there was no spatter, even with very soft paste.
  • The guard doesn’t get in my way at all and feels really comfortable to use.
  • I definitely want to start using this on my patients in the future.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor.


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