M7 Eva HVE Mirror

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Product Description

As a clinician working alone, it can be hard to balance a mirror, suction, and tools. The M7 HVE Suction Mirror by Golden Dental combines mirror and suction in one tool. Each kit includes 5 mirrors. The mirror head has 20 suction holes, and the handle is lightweight and hollow. A unique 3-axis rotating connector holds it to the tubing, which is attached to the HVE valve with the included adapter. The kit also includes replacement mirrors and mirror caps to prevent scratching, as well as a tool to replace the mirrors. The M7 Eva HVE can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner and is fully autoclavable.

Initial Insights

  • I like how lightweight they are, and the 3-axis piece makes it very mobile.
  • Replacing the mirrors is very easy.
  • These mirrors suction nicely, especially when retracting the cheeks and lips. It was a very natural transition from my usual use of a mirror and saliva ejector.
  • As a patient, I liked how thin and smooth it was; when it touched my teeth at all there wasn’t any clicking of metal or any sharp edges.

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