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Product Description

Some patients experience a change in their sense of taste, sometimes reporting having an unpleasant, persistent metallic flavor in their mouth. MetaQil is unique in that it is aimed specifically at this problem, the only product currently to claim to do so. It includes Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients such as water, essential oils, and vitamin E. It is available as a clear, colorless rinse with natural oils and extracts acting to alleviate that metallic taste.

Initial Insights

  • As soon as I start swishing it turns into a really light, fluffy foam, which is great: it’s not easy to accidentally swallow and it doesn’t burn like normal mouthwash can.
  • It makes my tongue tingle a little for a very short time after use.
  • I like that it genuinely got rid of other flavors in my mouth, not just covering them up temporarily!
  • It did not have an unpleasant taste.

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