Miracle Suction

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Product Description

Miracle Suction is part of a kit that was created to confront the problem of not having enough hands. The colorful mirrors attach directly to standard HVE handpieces and have small holes in the side and bottom surfaces of the head, designed to eliminate the need for separate mirror and suction. Each reflective surface is anti-fog and autoclavable for ease of use and cleaning.

Initial Insights

  • The colors might make it fun for kids especially.
  • It suctions very well, especially considering it has to be used as a mirror the entire time.
  • It could do with more sizes to connect with the HVE more accurately.
  • I found it easiest to use when I periodically dipped the mirror down to suction pools of saliva.

Keep an eye out to see this device in a coming issue of The Dental Advisor!

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