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When I was practicing I had a patient who was recovering from a terrible closed head injury as well as a slew of other injuries from a car accident. One day he asked an interesting favor of me. He asked me to write a letter to his insurance company confirming that the medications he was on were a likely source of his dry mouth and hence his continued dental treatment should be covered (he had horrible xerostomia and was riddled with class V and recurrent caries at every visit).

A stretch right? Well, maybe not. This young man was on over 30 medications from his extensive injuries! As I got out the pharmacology books and read the side effects of each medication, around 11 of them had a confirmed side effect of xerostomia. 30 medications may be extreme, but when you think of your patients, how many of them are on medications? Many of those medications likely have a side effect of xerostomia… enter MOISYN.

We recently received MOISYN (Prisyna) dry mouth mouthwash and spray here at the Dental Advisor. These dry mouth products have an interesting chemistry compared to other dry mouth products. It uses shellfish shell derivatives! What if you are allergic to shellfish? Well, you are likely not going to have any allergy issues with this because the allergen is in the muscle of the shellfish, not the shell… however, a allergy test would be a good idea.

Want to know more about this interesting chemistry? Well, according to the manufacturer, these naturally derived ingredients attract, hold, and retain moisture from its surroundings. They feel MOISYN creates an oral environment that is richly hydrated, pH balanced, and ideal for relieving mouth surfaces with moisture-loving, moisture-rich molecules.

According to the manufacturer, MOISYN:

  • Attracts, holds, and retains moisture in your mouth
  • Reduces dry mouth symptoms that can affect sleep, speech, and lifestyle
  • Is clinically proven to reduce oral pain and discomfort
  • Cleans your mouth and freshens breath
  • Uses naturally derived ingredients, free from harsh chemicals
  • pH balanced formula that’s gentle on your mouth

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team?
– Nice product, good flavor.
– Spray does a good job of coating tissues.
– We like that the mouthwash not only is a dry mouth solution, but also neutralizes pH and disinfects.
– The “can use up to 6 times per day” statement makes us wonder how long it will last.
What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!


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