Mr. Thirsty® One-Step

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Product Description

Controlling aerosols can seem like a difficult task for a dental professional; with one hand dedicated to suction, it can be difficult to both isolate and retract. Zirc Dental designed Mr. Thirsty One-Step to combine suction, isolation, and retraction in one disposable device. It comes in multiple trimmable sizes to create a unique fit to each mouth. The flexible material holds the tongue and opposite cheek away from the desired area, and can be flipped to either side of the mouth as needed.

Initial Insights

  • It was easy to move during procedures and keeps the patient dry. It provides clear vision and holds back the tongue well.
  • Mr. Thirsty seems to reduce aerosol and splatter while working on a patient.
  • Having Mr. Thirsty kept my mouth very dry and comfortable during the procedure.

Keep watch for this product in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor!

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