Orabloc Needlestick Safety System

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Product Description

Needles pose a great danger if their caps are dropped or go missing, and even recapping can lead to needlesticks. Orabloc Needlestick Safety System from Pierrel Pharma is a hands free, counter-top needle recapper created to combat this problem. The needle is simply pushed into the opening, which caps it with a brightly-colored capsule. The now-capped needle is withdrawn, and a spring inside the system pushes the opening to the next capsule. Once the needle is removed from the syringe, the opposing end can also be capped. There are 100 protective capsules in each system.

Initial Insights

  • The caps stay right on the needle so they don’t fall off or get lost.
  • There’s a plastic coating that keeps the needle from going all the way through.
  • The color-coding is really nice to let you know when you’re running low on capsules.
  • I would love to see a smaller size footprint!

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