Palmero® ProVision® Secure™ Safety Eyewear

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Product Description

As we learn more about COVID transmission, attention has been placed on preventing spatter and droplets, as well as aerosols from entering a dental professional’s eyes. New guidelines were issued encouraging the use of goggles or faceshields with sides. In light of this, we received the Palmero® ProVision® Secure™ Safety Eyewear to try out. These goggles are wrap-around with vented foam padding that sits against the wearer’s face. They come equipped with an adjustable elastic strap that can be removed to easily put on and take off the goggles.

Initial Insights

What did our team think of the ProVision Secure Safety Eyewear?

  • The strap is easy to remove and put back on; I found it most comfortable to unhook one side while putting them on.
  • I couldn’t even get them to fog up, even when I blew straight up against them!
  • No noticeable distortion near the edges. Great peripheral vision.
  • The padding is soft on my face unlike some of the all-plastic goggles I’ve tried before.

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