Perio Armor™ Oral Cleansing Gel

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At-home direct application of Perio Armor™
Courtesy of Dr. Matthew Miller

Product Description

Perio Armor™ Oral Cleansing Gel from Gingi-Pak® features a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide formula that is designed to aid in the elimination of harmful bacteria as well as promote gentle teeth whitening. The low viscosity of the gel allows for easy flow into the sulcus making it an ideal option for non-invasive periodontal tray therapy. Perior Armor™ is available in mint, strawberry and bubblegum flavors.

Initial Insights

  • This gel would be great for treating traumatic lesions and aphthous ulcers.
  • I would recommend to my patients for use with their clear aligners. Straighten and whiten at the same time!
  • The bubblegum flavor tastes good and does a great job masking the hydrogen peroxide taste.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!

At-home application of Perio Armor™ in trays
Courtesy of Dr. Matthew Miller


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