Pola Light

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Product Description:

Take-home whitening kits are more popular than ever as they become more effective with new technology, offering better results in less time with fewer risks. Pola Light from SDI is a take-home whitening system that is available exclusively through dentists, which ensures the patient makes an informed decision on which whitening system is best for them. The kit consists of an LED mouthpiece, charging cord, and a whitening gel which is available in two varieties: 9.5% hydrogen peroxide and 22% carbamide peroxide. This system reportedly offers noticeable whitening of teeth in just 5 days with two 10- or 15-minute sessions per day at home. SDI offers an online selection tool that clinicians can use to help the patient choose which system is right for them.

Initial Insights:

  • It’s nice to get advice on which system I should get, rather than guessing online.
  • It was really well-balanced; it didn’t feel like it wanted to fall out of my mouth.
  • The tray was actually comfortable. I’ve tried others that hurt and this one didn’t.
  • I can taste some of the whitening gel from the bottom of the tray. Next time maybe I’ll use less gel.
  • Super easy to use: twice a day for just a short time, straight-forward instructions. I like that it’s portable and doesn’t require being plugged into the wall during use.
Blue light activates hydrogen peroxide option and red light activates carbamide peroxide option.

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