Pola Rapid

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Product Description

When offices began reopening during the pandemic, whitening became one of the fastest-growing procedures. One new whitening system is Pola Rapid by SDI. It claims to offer whitening in just 24 minutes in the office, requiring 3, 8-minute sessions. It does not require the use of a bleaching light. However, it can be paired with SDI’s Radii Xpert curing light with whitening attachment. Each kit can treat 3 patients and includes whitening gel and the syringe tips, gingival barriers and cheek retractors, applicator tips for gel and barrier, and instructions for use. Refrigeration is required for this product. The dual-barrel syringe has a brush for easily dispensing gel directly on the teeth.

Initial Insights

  • I definitely noticed a brightening of my teeth; love it!
  • The blocker is very easy to apply and it stays right where it’s placed. It didn’t allow any whitening gel to touch the gums.
  • The brush tip was flexible and easy to use, but it still felt like I needed to place it rather than brush it on.
  • I found it lightened a patient who started out in a gray shade more than it did for one with a brown shade.

Keep an eye out for this product in an upcoming issue of DENTAL ADVISOR!

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