Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer

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Product Description

Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer from Parkell® is a gel designed to treat dentinal hypersensitivity related to gingival recession, scaling and root planing, and whitening procedures. The use of calcium and phosphate help treat sensitive teeth by forming hydroxyapatite plugs to occlude open tubules as well as form a mineral layer. It is applied with a syringe and applicator brush and no mixing is required. Each package contains 3 (3ml) syringes, 30 applicator tips, 50 precision applicator brushes, and 1 mixing well. It is also available in a single-syringe kit.

Precise placement with applicator tip

Initial Insights

  • Very easy to apply.
  • I like that it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator or need any rinsing, which can be uncomfortable for sensitive patients.
  • Some of my patients said they noticed an improvement in sensitivity right away!
  • Placement is very precise with the tip.
  • Would be great if it was available with flavored options.

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