ProMate™ CL Cordless Handpiece and AntiSplatr™ Prophy Angle

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Product Description

The ProMate™ CL cordless hygiene handpiece from Pac-Dent is designed to be light-weight and ergonomic. Weighing 3.8 ounces, it is 20% lighter than industry leading slow speed handpieces. It has six speed settings that can be controlled by the handpiece or a wireless foot pedal. The ProMate™ CL comes with three autoclavable sheaths and is compatible with any doriot style angle.

The AntiSplatr™ disposable prophy angle from Pac-Dent has a patented wiper that is intended to remove excessive paste that can splatter during polishing. The dimpled cup is also designed to prevent splatter by keeping saliva attached to the outside of it. The AntiSplar™ angle is available in a soft and firm cup.

Initial Insights

  • I love having the option to control the speed with either the button on the handpiece or with the foot pedal!
  • Very light-weight and balanced in my hand.
  • Both the firm and soft cups helped prevent splatter, even with very soft paste.

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