Protection Pack

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Product Description

The Protection Pack (Zirc) is a sample package of isolation products. This pack has a variety of products including:

  • Pink Petal: attaches to your existing saliva ejector and when placed in the patient’s buccal vestibule, the Pink Petal holds the saliva ejector in place.
  • Insta-Dam: dental dams with a built in frame and a single pre-punched hole. Two non-latex versions included: the regular and relaxed fit.
  • Mr. Thirsty: one-step product that provides hands-free retraction, isolation, and high-volume suction all in one device.
  • SE Cushion: cushion that slides over existing saliva ejector for comfort, to prevent tissue grab by the suction, and to quiet noise.

Initial Insights

  • A great way to try all of the Zirc isolation devices and decide which products might work best in your office.
  • The relaxed insta-dam is great for reaching posterior teeth but can be a little too relaxed depending on the size of the patient’s mouth.
  • It is nice how the pink petal sits in the cheek and holds the suction all in one.
  • Mr. Thirsty is an easy all-in-one suction, isolation, and retraction device great for working alone or as an adjunct to having an assistant, but can be a bit of a mouthful for the patient, especially a gagger.

Keep an eye out to see this device in a coming issue of The Dental Advisor!


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