Safe-Vac HVE Tips

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Product Description

Standard HVE tips are effective and comfortable to use, but can sometimes cause discomfort to the patient. The hard plastic can create pressure in sensitive areas of the gums. Safe-Vac is an HVE tip that has a rigid but cushioned end, designed to cause less discomfort. It comes in two varieties: Standard or Screened. The Standard Safe-Vac is similar to normal HVE tips, with the addition of the soft green end. The Screened Safe-Vac comes with a small screen just inside the opening to catch debris such as fillings or tooth fragments.

Initial Insights

  • I really like the idea of using the screened HVE tip during certain procedures to catch debris.
  • It genuinely feels softer in my mouth and doesn’t poke at all.
  • Looking forward to having cleaner traps!

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