SafeMatrix™ Single-Use Matrix Bands

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Product Description

SafeMatrix™and SafeMatrix™ Contour from Medicom® are pre-assembled, disposable matrix bands. Their unique push-button band diverter is designed to provide ease of use for the clinician and comfort for the patient. Both SafeMatrix™ and SafeMatrix™ Contour are available in wide (6mm) and narrow (4.5mm) widths and come in packs of 50.

Initial Insights

  • I use these all the time. I love that they are single use and ready to go, regardless of the quadrant.
  • The new deflector button is a nice addition, as it adds more anatomical contour for a better fit on the tooth.
  • Would be great to have the option of a dead-soft or thinner band, as obtaining a tight contact with composite can be a little tricky.
  • My assistants struggle with correctly placing the matrix band on the tofflemire retainer for the appropriate tooth and these take out the guess work.

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