SimpleCAP Needle System

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Every year, as part of our accreditation for the public health clinic I worked at, we had to try safety needle systems. If we liked it we were supposed to adopt it and if we did not we had to report why we did not like and adopt it. We never adopted one. We just stuck with our little triangular re-capers. What was so wrong with the safety needle systems we tried? They were either a plastic disposable syringe that was not as sturdy feeling as your metal syringe or they were a complicated needle that the assistants were worried they would poke themselves trying to figure out how to get it on and off!

We recently received the SimpleCAP Needle System (Verena Solutions, LLC) here at the Dental Advisor. This safety needle has a very unique placement system. It comes in a capsule! No, you don’t mix it in your triturator… you remove the lower part of the capsule to screw it onto your syringe (image below). When the top part of the capsule is removed you expose a sheathed needle. You simply twist to unlock the sheath and can lower it to expose the needle and re-sheath with a twist as well.

What were the Initial Insights of the Dental Advisor team?
– Very easy on and easy off of the syringe.
– Easy to sheath and unsheath syringe with this system.
– Very sturdy on the syringe, I want to see how sturdy it is while injecting though!
– Yes, I found a way to poke myself right after putting it on so it goes to show that nothing is foolproof; however, common sense can prevail, LOL.
– So easy to use that it makes it tough to use the excuse anymore that safely recapping taking too much time!

What do our Clinical Evaluators and their patients think about this product once it’s used in their offices? Look for a possible clinical evaluation in an upcoming issue!

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