SOVA® Max Nightguard

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In my clinical practice, a lab fabricated night guard is the standard of care. With that being said, there are many times when I would like an alternative in-house option. At Dental Advisor, we recently received the SOVA® Max Nightguard (SOVA). This custom night guard could be a great option for patients in your practice where a lab fabricated night guard is not currently an option. Such instances may include: the need of a temporary solution while mid-treatment, use while a patient is being evaluated for TMD or musculature issues, acute discomfort, a patient you are unable to obtain diagnostic impressions on due to limited opening, or you need an option for those who just plain cannot afford a lab fabricated appliance.

The previously evaluated SOVA Aero night guard is a three time top product award winner for Best Temporary Therapeutic Device, and SOVA Max takes this technology one step further for tough grinders. The SOVA MAX Night Guard is 2.4mm compared to their 1.6mm SOVA Aero night guard. SOVA night guards are an “impression free” moldable material, is 30% thinner than conventional EVA night guards, and allow the patient to talk, breathe through, and drink while wearing.

What do our Clinical Evaluators, who are practicing dental professionals just like you, and their patients think about this product once it’s in their offices? Look for an evaluation in an upcoming issue!

Ona Erdt, CDA, DMD, MSHS
Clinical Editor at Dental Advisor


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