Ultra Light Optics™ Face Shield

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Product Description

We recently received Face Shields from Ultra Light Optics™. These shields feature a visor with a fully adjustable head strap that has the ability to flip up. What else makes these unique? A headlight can be attached to the shield itself and additionally, the shield can be extended with optional extenders of 1″ or 1.75″ to accommodate long loupes and/or headlights worn under the shield.

Initial Insights

What were some of the thoughts of the Dental Advisor Initial Insights Team?

  • Everything is customizable on this shield!
  • My hygienist does not wear loupes and I think this would be perfect for her so she can just have a headlight.
  • The flip-up option makes it easier to talk to hard-of hearing patients.
  • No issues getting my longer loupes under these.

Look out for more information on this shield in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor!


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