VacuVUE HVE Mirror

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Product Description

We recently received the VacuVUE HVE Mirror (Ascentcare™ Dental Products). This mirror/suction/retraction device hooks up easily to your existing high-volume suction line. Some of its top features include a PureHD mirror, has suction on both the front and the back, and has replacement mirrors for when scratches occur. The kit also contains a Wrist-Assist, a small holder that attaches to the user’s wrist to take the weight of VacuVUE out of the hand.

Initial Insights

  • Strong suction.
  • Mirror is pretty thick, which allows for better suction but can make it tough to maneuver in certain situations.
  • Attaches to HVE so you may not be able to use it in hygiene rooms.
  • Suction on the backside as well allows you to retract the cheek while using the handpiece and still utilize the suction.
  • The “wrist assist vacuum line relief band” (included in evaluation) made a big difference in the weight on your wrist.

Keep an eye out for more on this product in an upcoming issue of Dental Advisor!


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